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Guillaume Levesque


As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to do art and nothing else. I grew up in the world of music, I have always listened to and played a lot! I spent all of my high school and CEGEP drawing during my classes. It was when I started painting as a teenager that I realized that I wanted to make a living from art.


I studied in lutherie, specializing in guitar to combine my passion for art and music. In my career, I have followed several training courses and artistic courses:

Art & Multimedia, Observation and Drawing, Ideas and Concepts, Drawing and Creation, Violin Drawing, Guitar Drawing and Design, Infographic Court, etc.

I had my first tattoos when I was young and I was hooked right away. The tattoo world has always fascinated me.


It was after working as a luthier that I realized I missed drawing. So I jumped into the world of tattooing with both feet.

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