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Daily routine

Day 1: I'm happy and I want to touch it, but I don't!

Day 2: I take the bandage off and start cleaning it 2x a day.

Day 3-4: I clean it twice a day

Day 5 and until completely healed: I clean it twice a day and apply a small amount of cream afterwards.


Keep the dressing 36-48 hours.

Carefully remove the dressing. (Under lukewarm water can help)

Wash the tattoo with an antibacterial soap suitable for tattoos.

Cream the tattoo with a cream suitable for tattoos.

Important to wash your hands before touching/washing your tattoo.

Blot the tattoo without rubbing it with a clean towel

Sleeping in a freshly washed bed helps to avoid infections.

Do not scratch the tattoo until it is healed

Do not immerse tattoo in water while healing.

Avoid activities that will make you sweat a lot the first few days

The tattoo should not be in contact with any bodily fluids. Not even yours. Have a little thought for your tattoo if you have intimate relationships.

Never put polysporin.

No sun exposure during healing.

Listen to your tattoo artist's advice, not your friends or google!

Enjoy your new tattoo and show it off to everyone! ☺


Quality cream and soap available at the studio! Ask your lovely tattoo artist!

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